Ryan's Light foundation was established in memory and honor of our son Ryan Dustin Wagner who passed away from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma July 29Th 2011. Ryan was 6 years old and he is sorrowfully missed by all who knew him. Ryan would come to earn a place on the wall of heroes at Tripler Army Medical Center where he was a patient for the majority of his treatment. We have made it our mission in life now to spread Ryan's Light and keep his legacy going

Our main mission is providing music therapy and musical instruments but also to raise awareness to this number one killer of our children by disease. To advocate for increased funding for pediatric cancer research. Pediatric cancer research in comparison to adult cancer research is poorly funded. With only 3.6% and 4% of the National Cancer Institute total budget going towards childhood cancer research. The NCI is the Federal Government's principal agency for cancer research and training. Something more must be done. Well we believe strongly in increased funding for the cure, we also believe that music therapy can uplift the soul of a child in treatment. Ryan had just one music therapy session at the City of Hope in California during his six-week stay there, and he briefly for that moment had a smile on his face. It is this smile that we wish to bring to other children in treatment.

Ryan's story should have had another ending, one that ended years and years from now in the future, where our son would have had the opportunity to grow into an old man one day. That will never happen for Ryan now, but his light his love lives on. He was a lover of music and life, and all things beautiful, he was a beautiful soul. Please join us in spreading Ryan's light through support for his foundation. In support of funding for the cure but also for support in nurturing the soul. Together we can do AMAZING things.